New Year’s Eve in Florence: Free concerts and more

As one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, Florence, unsurprisingly, puts on a great spectacle for New Year’s Eve. Surrounded by historical and architectural beauty, you can enjoy a wonderfully festive atmosphere in Florence, with plenty of activities to undertake on the last night of the year. From great food and drink to […]

New Year’s Eve in Turin: What to do in one of Italy’s coolest cities

The original capital of Italy, Turin hosts a great beauty with its elegant archways and its beautiful baroque architecture. A romantic, Christmas atmosphere still hangs over Turin between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so it is a great place to close out the year! There are many light displays and installations to be enjoyed in […]

Spending New Year’s Eve in Venice: Here’s all you need to know

On New Year’s Eve, Venice provides an atmosphere ideal for couples looking to spend a romantic evening. As one of Italy’s top tourist destinations, Venice has plenty to offer tourists wanting to welcome the New Year in a joyful and fun way. Whether you are wanting to dine out and enjoy the numerous restaurants and […]

New Year’s Eve in Bologna: “Rogo del Vecchione” and other things to do in town

Bologna is a youthful and exuberant city, full to the brim with nightlife and hosting the famous University of Bologna. On New Year’s Eve, bars and restaurants are open until late and thanks to the famous network of archways throughout the city, you can walk comfortably through the city in cold and rainy weather. These […]

NYE in Sicily: A guide to welcoming the new year on the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea

Sicily is beautiful at all times of year – however, a trip to the famous island on New Year’s Eve is a strategic way to avoid its scorching summer heat. What’s more, the swarms of tourists from the summer are not to be found in the period over Christmas and New Year’s Eve, providing a […]

New Year’s Eve in Milan: Tips for ending the year in Italy’s most dynamic city

Known all over the world for its fashion, Milan is perhaps Italy’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Certainly, it is a place where you simply cannot go wrong on New Year’s Eve. Milan is on average more expensive than other Italian cities but is easy to reach from other places in Italy and Europe. This […]

New Year’s Eve dinner in Italy: All the typical dishes you need to try

Are you wondering what a typical Italian New Year’s Eve dinner looks like? Eating and drinking well is at the centre of any authentic Italian experience – and it’s no different on New Year’s Eve! If you are in Italy on this special night, you may see the word ‘cenone’, which literally means ‘big dinner’ […]

Practical information for planning your New Year’s Eve in Italy

Are you planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Italy? Here are some useful pieces of information as you plan your holiday in Italy to welcome the new year. If you have any other questions that are not addressed below, feel free to write them in the comments and we will get back to you. […]

7 Italian New Year’s Eve traditions you should try

Italy is not only a beautiful place to be at the end of the year, it also boasts a multitude of traditions both quirky and conventional. In this post, we will provide you a comprehensive overview of the most culturally important traditions practiced on New Year’s Eve throughout the country. 1. CENONE DI CAPODANNO: THE […]

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