The ultimate guide to spending New Year’s Eve in Italy

full moon in venice

From the snowy Alpine mountaintops to the deep turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, many travelers can’t deny Italy’s charm, making it one of Europe’s most desirable New Year’s Eve destinations. To take the stress out of planning, we selected the most popular and unique ideas for you, city by city.


Throughout the peninsula, you will find a large selection of cultural and artistic events, old celebrations, dance parties, and picturesque restaurants offering generous traditional dinners. For a more authentic experience, go to the main piazzas, which usually host live music performances and fireworks, and share a glass of Prosecco with the locals at midnight!


new year's eve parties in Italy

Whether you are a hopeless romantic, a party animal, or an adventurer who needs to end the passing year with a bit of healthy adrenaline, you will not be disappointed. In this section, you will find marine sunsets, wild parties, and spectacular firework performances to fulfill your every end-of-year wish. Find out what the best NYE parties in Italy are!



woman thowing stuff out of the window on new year's eve

Have I really seen a chair fly out of a window? And why is my Italian girlfriend telling me to wear red underwear on the 31st? We can assure you that Italians have not suddenly gone cuckoo. If you want to solve these mysteries and learn all about Italian New Year’s Eve superstitions and traditions, read on.


italian new year's eve dinner

Italians love to eat and New Year’s Eve is no exception. So say goodbye to your diet and prepare for an eventful meal with many delicious courses. Each region of Italy has its own traditions, but you will see a few that are found all over the country, to bring good luck and wealth in the coming year. Learn all about the traditional Italian NYE dinner!



spectacular view of rome at night

If you want to live “La dolce vita” on the most magical night of the year, look no further than Rome. With its never-ending charm, the Eternal City is alive with music, parades, people diving into the Tevere river, and dazzling holiday decorations. So get yourself a glass of Prosecco and breathe in the sweet aroma of the city’s ubiquitous maritime pines. Find out how you can spend New Year’s Eve in Rome!


view of venice canal at night

If you are looking for a bit of romance, surrounded by elegant palazzos in a fairy-tale setting, Venice is your girl. Book a dinner at one of the many cozy restaurants in the city’s calli or enjoy a scenic cruise through the lagoon. Your New Year’s Eve in Venice is sure to be enchantingly wonderful.


milan cathedral with starry night in the background

Unfairly underrated, Milan is Italy’s most vibrant and dynamic metropolisHome to the trendiest restaurants and nightclubs, the city offers a great variety of culinary delicacies and a wide selection of theatrical and musical performances for every budget. Learn all the tips on where to spend New Year’s Eve in Milan!


skyline of Bologna at dusk

Did you just say lasagna? If you are looking for mouthwatering pasta dishes and a range of culturally enriching activities, Bologna might be your perfect New Year’s Eve destinationEnjoy one of the many theatrical and musical performances or celebrate with locals in the main piazza surrounded by the city’s stunning medieval architecture.


view of turin at night

A city often overlooked by tourists, Turin is Italy’s best-kept secret. Known as the “Paris of Italy” for its elegant baroque and neoclassical architecture, Turin is home to an exciting culinary and contemporary art scene. Take a walk through the luminous art installations of Luci d’Artista or glide away on one of the many open-air skating rinks, sipping a cup of chocolate-flavored espresso. Find out what to do in Turin on NYE here!


temples valley at dusk, sicily

If you need a break from those chilly winter temperatures, New Year’s Eve in Sicily might be just what you are looking for. Experience the power of Greek-god Hephaestus, as you toast to the new year on the slopes of Mount Etna. Take a guided tour along the island’s breathtaking coastline or follow the shepherds’ trails in the Nebrodi National Park.


view of Naples

Perhaps the edgiest and grittiest major city in Italy, it doesn’t get more authentic than Naples. You won’t regret spending your New Year’s Eve immersed in rich Italian culture and tradition. Sample the real Neapolitan pizza in its original birthplace, check out the lively waterfront with Castel dell’Ovo just off the shore and enjoy a ride on a famous sailing ship to enjoy the NYE festivities. Click here to find out what to do in Naples on New Year’s Eve!



view of florence at night from Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence is a tourist’s dream destination for a reason – it is simply dazzling. As it swarms with tourists in the summer, heading there for New Year’s Eve is a smart moveYou could visit world-famous sites such as Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi art gallery, and Piazza della Signoria by day, and then indulge in a splendid NYE dinner in one of Florence’s many exquisite restaurants. Don’t forget the fireworks on the river! Learn all about NYE in Florence.



view of genoa's old harbor

One of Italy’s hidden gems, Genoa offers something slightly different from the more typical tourist destinations – and NYE is no exception. Discover the picturesque alleyways that comprise the historical center, try out Genoa’s renowned delicacies, and head to the Genoa Aquarium on New Year’s Eve for a most unique end to the year! Learn more about NYE in Genoa.


Planning a trip to Italy for New Year’s Eve but have some questionsWe answer them here for you. We also help you with logistical information referring to things such as public transport, bookings and reservations and what’s open and closed at this time of year. Read our FAQ section on spending NYE in Italy.

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